The Community

I decided to start up a Patreon page for people who listen to the podcast and want to support me and my mission, or are interested in learning more about birth and being empowered in your body through movement, self-care and divine connection.

How Patreon works is it lists out 3 tiers for you to choose. Each tier has been priced to reflect the level of offerings you will receive. The cost ranges from $3 to $25 per month, here are all of the perks you will receive at the highest subscription (other tiers include a few of these):

• Taboo Tuesday: a weekly discussion facilitated within the community around topics that aren’t widely discussed. This is a safe space for you to ask questions and participate in conversation free from shame or ridicule. Nothing (well, except for cruelty in any form) is off limits!

• Behind-The-Scenes: A fun addition where you’ll see me play games with my guests to learn more about them!

• Live Lectures: Hear me go off about a variety of topics! I’ll choose new topics regularly and spout off my knowledge and opinions based on my experience with each subject.

• Classes & Tutorials: Receive one new learning video each month in a topic around pregnancy or birth, and a piece of dance choreography with the steps broken down for you to try at home.

• Merch: For those who choose to subscribe for a full year, you’ll get quarterly merch delivered to your home! So far the goodies include custom “warm and fuzzy quote” stickers, and a sweet mug for all of you fellow coffee lovers.

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