The Podcast

I’m so proud to present this little passion project that was birthed during the pandemic!

The Dancing Doula Podcast is a compilation of candid conversations with some of my friends about things such as birth, feminism, parenting, self care, empowerment, and the list goes on.

I hope to bring about a sense of togetherness by being real and talking about things that might make people uncomfortable. The truth is, communication is connection and in the current state of the world, we all need a bit more connection in our lives!

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10 – Confidence, Feeling Comfortable in your Skin and Growing Through Grief with Chelsea The Dancing Doula Podcast

Hello again and welcome back! Im excited to bring you this interview with one of my best friends and fellow female-empowerer, Chelsea! Listen now for our chats about: • feeling empowered through self touch • how to survive body shaming • what grief really means and why it's important • slut-shaming and how to not care about what others judge you for Chelsea has moved her movement workshops online and now's your chance to take part! For more info visit Want more? Visit to learn about my video content and my social links. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review my podcast if you are enjoying it so far!
  1. 10 – Confidence, Feeling Comfortable in your Skin and Growing Through Grief with Chelsea
  2. 9 – Staying Grounded, Cultural Appropriation and Healing Through Dance with Masani
  3. 8 – Q&A time with Dancing Doula!
  4. 7 – Home Birth, Midwifery and Doula Regulation with Sonya
  5. 6 – Postpartum, Conscious Social Media Use and the Communities of Edmonton with Shannon
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