The Podcast

I’m so proud to present this little passion project that was birthed during the pandemic!

The Dancing Doula Podcast is a compilation of candid conversations with some of my friends about things such as birth, feminism, parenting, self care, empowerment, and the list goes on.

I hope to bring about a sense of togetherness by being real and talking about things that might make people uncomfortable. The truth is, communication is connection and in the current state of the world, we all need a bit more connection in our lives!

What the term ‘feminism’ means to me The Dancing Doula Podcast

Welcome back! In this episode, I want to discuss what feminism means to me and why I think it is SO important. Today I discuss: • What the term ‘feminism’ means • The history of the patriarchy • Female foragers pioneering medicine • The Women’s Rights Movement and it’s impacts • The link between misogyny and white supremacy  • The feminine rising As mentioned in this episode, I have an online community on Patreon where like-minded people can dive deeper into the topics discussed. Expect in-depth group discussions, behind-the-scenes footage from my interviews, tutorials, online classes, and more! You can subscribe using the link on my website home page: Be sure to subscribe, rate and review my podcast if you are enjoying it so far!
  1. What the term ‘feminism’ means to me
  2. The history of birth and doulas
  3. Five facts about a birth-supporting, pole-dancing hippie!

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